Photography by D. N. Knisely

Getting There

Soup Vendor

My only regret is that the moment was almost too perfect...

Sometimes Amazing Things Just Happen In Front of Y

SooC, as it was. No BS. No B&W crutch. Taipei, 2014.

It's All in the Attitude I

Graceful Movement

Some people just have it. Taipei, 2014.

Facing the Light without Sunglasses

Capitol Hill, Seattle, April, 2015.

School to Prison; College to Starbucks

South Lake Union, Seattle, August, 2015.

Various Degrees of Reality

Capitol Hill, August, 2015.


Prague, April, 2016.

Songs My Mother Taught Me Found scene, Madison St., Seattle, May, 2015.

Balancing Act

Capitol Hill, August, 2015.

Paris is for Lovers

Paris, 2014. This post-sunset scene absolutely blew my mind when I spotted it from across the river. Of course, I noticed the trees first, but them immediately saw the dream subjects in the perfect pose -- and no other distractions! (There are basicall

Fab Metals

Last 2015 image (and the last reserve image that I have, so you can relax and not have to worrry about much from me for a while. :) ) Downtown, Seattle, September, 2015.

Happy Hour

#CapitolHill #Seattle #Street

Food Truck

Central District, Seattle, October, 2015.

Capitol Hill Tobacco

Capitol Hill, Seattle, WA.

Pack Leader

Capitol Hill, Seattle, September, 2015.

Super Hereos Among Us II

Downtown, Seattle, August, 2015.

The Paris Street Moment In Which I Commit an Unintended Selfie

Paris, 2014.


Probably my favorite from this trip to Shanghai so far...


Gongguan Night Market, Taipei, 2014.

Buy Stuff

Taipei, 2014.

Rainy Wait

Waiting for the bus at West Lake (│ᆬ₩ᄍヨ, Xᅣᆱ Hᅢᄎ) in Hangzhou. The girl's pose made the scene, but it took a while to get all the elements to line up (with no passing traffic between them and me!). :)

21 KeeLung Rd.

Taipei, 2014.

A Perfect Day

Alki Beach Saturday afternoon.. I adore this family. I almost had a heart attack when I saw this scene.

Tong Hua Night Market Vendor

Eat more chicken. Taipei, 2014.


Gongguan Night Market, Taipei, 2014.

Keep an Eye on My Hands (B&W Version)

Taipei, 2014.

People Who Catch My Eye IV

Cheese Girl. Bonus cameo appearance of the steamy noodle shop from a previous image. :) Sadly, this "cheesy" corner pretty much destroys the mood of the earlier image when the shop is placed in context. :/ The sequence of body languages shown by the

Longshan Temple Area Street Vendor

Taipei, 2014.

Okonomiyaki Tonight

Taipei, 2014.

Preparing for Night Market

Longshan Temple Station area, Taipei, 2014.

The Profound Happiness that One Instant Can Convey

Taipei, 2014.

People Who Catch My Eye III

Taipei, 2014.

Rainy Stroll

Around West Lake (Chinese: 西æ¹, XÄ« Hú) in Hangzhou...

Beijing Street Set, December, 2010 #4

Beijing Street Set, December, 2010 #4

14th Avenue

Got one frame with the composition and the scene, and then, BOOM, he walked right into his designated spot. And, I didn't choke. :) I had picked f/5.6 for the scene, but I wish that I'd been wider once he walked in. f/2.8 would have been perfect.

Two Worlds

Women Only

Finally, a keeper for 2012! :)

Life is Not Fair

How do you operate five 3-5 star hotels on the top of a mountain range that has no access other than paved trails? Food for thought.

Morning at the Tong Hua Night Market

Contradictory, I know. Taipei, 2014.


Taipei, December, 2014.

Shy, Graceful, and Totally Awesome

Costumed worker at Black Bamboo Park (Beijing), apparently preparing

Intense and Committed

Costumed worker at Black Bamboo Park (Beijing), apparently preparing for some kind of contest. This guy was WAY into the makeup process and appeared to be taking the whole thing very seriously!

Father and Son

For most of the duration of a bus ride across Beijing, I was

An Ordinary Moment

Taipei, 2014.

Anytime, Anywhere

One from 11/11/11 that I skipped over, but rediscovered. That was the last time that I had the opportunity to do street photography in Beijing. I can hardly believe it was two years ago!


Nearing sunset, the light was shifting rapidly where this man was absorbed in deep contemplation (or dozing ;) ). Within a minute, it went from hard sun to beautiful, warm reflected light, and that combined with a rare simple background was all that was needed.

Budapest Gentleman

Revised version for my portfolio. Removed some distracting elements that just weren't working.


Fear of Destiny



Looks quite terrible unless you view larger, actually. More backlog of photos that were queued for processing for a long, long time.

Credible Lightness of Being

More, Better, Cheaper



It's All in the Attitude II

Pure Poetry

"years Thau, It was filled within the life strength that two parallel lineses also have to hand over mutually!" (sic) :)



Guide from Red Fort, Delhi, 2009

Another unprocessed image from Delhi in 2009 that I always considered to have some potential… It is obviously quite a challenging file due to the extreme dynamic range, but I think it has some redeeming qualities.

Shop Keeper


Archived image that never quite made it into the processing queue.

Lost in Space

Prague, April, 2016.

Semper Fi

Two self-identified Marine heroes destressing on Ocean Beach Pier.

Tram Riders

Gentlemen Brothers

Prague, April, 2016.

Judgment Day

Prague, April, 2016.

That Way

Just a Kiss

My last couple from Prague, April, 2016.

The King

Whatever it Takes. Not.

Back story: While wandering around a fairly heavily-trafficed and highly unglamorous tech shopping district in Beijing, I noticed a brilliant oasis of perfect light in the middle of a street crossing. The late afternoon sun was backlighting the area in hard light, but a shiny building behind me was perfectly focused as a reflector into this one small zone setting up conditions for perfect shooting if only the right subject were to come along and not be surrounded by a mass of imperfect subjects! Were I properly committed to my craft, I would have waited there for however long it took, but it was very cold and windy and I had already pre-chilled myself. I got a couple of decent images. This one requires the least processing. You may yet see the other one. We'll see.



Walmart Dude


Gregarious Moment


The last one from Beijing, as far as I know...

My two buddies

These two guys (especially the guy on the right) were all over me, beginning when I was stalking another victim, and for about ten minutes until I could shake them after taking their picture (which I hoped might scare them off!). They wanted to see every picture that I took and, I think, they were just plain baffled as to what I could possibly be shooting. I don't mean to imply they weren't friendly; on the contrary -- they were way TOO friendly and jovial. :) Pushing the envelope of the light here -- ISO 6400, f/2.8, and 1/50th second at 98mm... Nothing else right around there was working because of the low light, so it was OK that I had to move on to shake them. ;)

Temple Musicians Snoozing

Will awaken for 100 Yuan.


Body Image

Kodak Moment

Kelly Infrared

I have wanted to experiment with shooting people in IR for a while. The color that I could get Kelly's hair to render was a

Kelly in the Woods

My Dad

I consider myself amazingly lucky to have caught this candid of my Dad before he could grimace and evade. This is the only representative picture that I've ever seen of him.